About Us

Atchison Machine was founded in 1964 by President Bob Atchison to fill the void of a quality performance machine shop in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. From it's humble beginnings behind Race Car Accessories (London's only Speed Equipment dealer in the sixties) on York Street the business continued to grow and expand and moved to the current location of 132 Clarke Road in 1967.

Originally Bob built turnkey drag race cars as well as machining customers performance engines while he raced his own Top Fuel Dragster throughout Ontario and the Northern United States. Bob continued to expand the business to include stock replacement engines,components and parts. With local drag strips canceling the top fuel class and the ever increasing demands of his business Bob quit racing to concentrate totally on his business. Several additions to the original building and the purchase of adjacent buildings has seen Atchison Machine grow to over 12,000 square feet.

Bob missed the track and with the encouragement of his brother and a friend Bob owned and raced stock cars driven by various drivers in the 1970's before he quit racing altogether and concentrated on his ever expanding business and raising a family with his wife Maxine. Bob used his talents to invent and manufacture tooling that is used by other automotive machine shops throughout the world and distributed by such famous companies as Sunnen Products.

In the later 1990's Bob was joined in the business by his son Rob and they decided to try their act at drag racing after the rebirth of Grand Bend Motorplex. Bob was like a kid with a new found toy and Rob took to driving like a duck to water. Drag Racing cemented the bond between them and joined by Maxine they purchased an Alcohol Funny Car and began to race in the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). After five years The Atchison Racing Team became IHRA Funny Car World Champions in 2003. The team has continued to excel and won three straight championships following their record breaking 2005 season. Rob became the first IHRA Alcohol Funny Car ever to run a 5.60 and established the world record with a 5.685 pass which is also the quickest ever by a car with a roots blower. The odd thing about these accomplishments are that Bob has been loyal to his Chevrolet roots and has campaigned a Chevrolet based wedge type engine when all his competitors have raced a Chrysler style Hemi. Bob's racing efforts were recognized when he was inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Today Atchison Machine occupies 4 buildings at their 132 Clarke Road location and performs machine work on all types of engines from single cylinder engines to V/12 industrial motors. Atchison Machine also manufactures quality race car components for drag racers all over the world and are Canadian Distributors for Lenco Racing Transmissions and PSI Superchargers and a proud member of E.R.I. buying group. Through ERI we can supply numerous high quality products at competitive prices click ERI link and check "product providers".